To continue discussion of respect/poverty… interesting article

This article makes a case that the psychology behind “Do what you love” creates a big divide in the labor force- the elite “creative” jobs and labor. I think there is something to it. The same phrase also could be used to devalue a job’s worth, for example, education- because you are supposed to just love what you do, irregardless of the wage.

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  1. Cool article. But I only partially agree. That is, I totally agree that it is arrogant and offensive to suggest almost anyone has a meaningful chance to “love” his job. On the other hand, we can’t get away from the fact that we all want to have jobs that enhance (or at least don’t horribly diminish) our sense of self-worth. And wouldn’t it also be true that if more people elevated job-satisfaction as a criteria for choosing a job (instead of just counting the money they will make), more might make ethical choices?

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