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Freedom and the NeoLiberal Eden (2.22.2016)

How did America’s government get this way? Once – and possibly still – the world’s model, it has become so predatory that the very meanings of words like “freedom”, “responsibility”, and “governance” have been perverted to the point that we can hardly speak to one another anymore.

The Unexpected History of American Capitalism (12.3.2015)

The Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution prevents the government from depriving (certain) people of “life, liberty, or property” without due process of law. That’s pretty vague on its face, and it may be an historical accident that we have focused mainly on the “property” angle ever since. What would it have looked like if we’d instead focused on what it means to have a real “life”?

Free Market Ideology Is Making Society Sick (10.30.2015)

Our society is infected by a disease we call “free market ideology”. … These arguments, however, are based on logical fallacies and a misunderstanding of both economics and history.

Affordable Housing Needs a Reset (3.3.2015)

We’ve been hearing a lot lately from New York Mayor de Blasio on his affordable housing plan. He says he will “build or preserve” 200,000 housing units, but the plan would only build 8,000 units a year. Unless it is radically changed, the mayor’s plan will squander public assets, enrich real estate developers, but do very little for the record number of people living in the shelter system or at risk of landing there.

After the Greek Elections: The Future of Austerity in Greece, Europe & Beyond (1.29.2015) (not the Huffington Post)

Not everything can be summarized in a paragraph. Read the blog.

The Ghosts of Bailouts Past, Bailouts Present and Bailouts Yet to Come (1.5.2015)

The US Treasury Department has just declared the bailout is over — and that it was profitable too! But nothing could be further from the truth. Both claims are false.

With Economic Justice for All (11.11.2014)

With the nomination of Lorretta Lynch for attorney general, it is a crucial time to learn from past mistakes and oversights. We call on Lynch to learn from the past and work towards true accountability and fairness for all.

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