Ethics, Finance, and Poverty (Our Next Big Project)

These are not minutes; but an effort to get people talking mid-week about about this project. Because there has been a lot of enthusiasm in the meetings about it.

Here is a link to the current draft outline, titledoab ol-2 of Ethics, Finance, and Poverty. (last updated Feb 16)

Please comment on groups or people we should be reaching out to as partners in planning the book, visual content, and roll-out. Groups mentioned so far include: i) Strike Debt, 2) Rolling Jubilee, 3) Black Institute. 4) Occupy Faith, 5) Occu-Evolve, and 6) Picture the Homeless.

Individuals to reach out to include: 1) Margaret Flowers, Tavis Smiley, 3) Cornell West, and 4) Richard Wolff. Was also much said about reaching out to Native American as well as Perma-culture groups.

Please comment on all of the above as well as ideas for the roll-out event.

We formed a small Logistics Committee; if you want to get on it — just say so.


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