Income, Jobs and Poverty

One of our top priorities is delving deeply into proposals to arrive at opinions, maybe even a consensus, of how we think poverty can best be addressed.

In January 2017 we have begun a series of meetings focused on understanding these proposals better with the goal of developing a strong proposal.

Here is Rob’s comment on rationales for UBI or Job Guarantee from the Left, Right and Libertarians

Here is the summary table of Rob’s comments that we created, plus Josh’s brief comment

Here are notes from meeting on January 22.
Here is Rob’s presentation on the Universal Basic Income (UBI) Jan. 29, 2017
Here is Dan’s presentation on the Universal Basic Income and Jobs Guarantee part given on Jan. 29, part on Feb. 5, 2017

Recording of Gerald’s presentation: Human aspect of notorious BIG
Comments and questions regarding on UBI from or provoked by Gerald’s presentation

Recording of Suresh Naidu’s talk on UBI and Jobs Guarantee programs

Writing, Videos and other material for the discussion

Discussions of pros and cons of different proposals

Jobs Guarantee or Universal Basic Income? Why Not Both?

See also links to debate between JB and BIG

Universal Basic Income Guarantee (UBI, BIG)

Jobs Guarantee programs.

One suggestion of how to pay for the proposals is out of earnings on the nations assets. These articles relate to that idea.

   Jobs Guarantee: How do we achieve?

—Before Financialization – Works Progress Administration established in the 1930s—
New York City Department of Youth and Community Development
American’s Job Act
National Jobs For All Coalition
US Department of Labor – Employment and Training Administration – Carter Administration
—Lessons from a Job Guarantee

Interesting reading on jobs and income