Info related to Modern Monetary Theory

Suggested Reading/Viewing

1. Dr. Stephanie Kelton’s presentation: Are There Spending Constraints on Governments Sovereign in Their Currency

2. Working Paper No. 778 Modern Money Theory 101: A Reply to Critics by Éric Tymoigne and L. Randall Wray Levy Economics Institute of Bard College November 2013

3. Debt-free Money and Banana RepublicsL. Randall Wray – New Economic Perspectives

4. Taxes are for Redemption, Not Spending – L. Randall Wray (2016) World Economic Review, 7, pp. 3-11

Materials on Federal use of tax receipts

5. Treasury Financial Manual Volume I Part 5 Chapter 2000

6. Statement of Federal Financial Accounting Standards 1: Accounting for Selected Assets and Liabilities – Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board

7.Modern Money and the Job Guarantee part 1 of Pavlina Tcherneva The Job Guarantee

8. A Keynesian weighs in: Debt Derangement Syndrome