New and Noteworthy 2024

We’ve decided to read and discuss the book:
If We Burn: The Mass Protest Decade and the Missing Revolution
  by Vincent Bevins

On February 18, 2024, we will be discussing Chapters 8 and 9

Vincent Bevins will discuss the book at this free on-line event.

Current Topics:

  1. Illusions of Safety by Mariame Kaba (text)
  2. Why we have to talk about Zionism (video with transcript)
  3. Nakba Peace (text)
  4. Rebirth of the U.S. Labor Movement? (text)
  5. The Politics of Cruelty (text)
  6. Disillusioned” Author: American Suburbs Have Become a Ponzi Scheme (video)
  7. Prison Radio: Mumia Abu-Jamal (audio and text)

Feb. 4 – Feb. 10, 2024

  1. Housing solutions
  2. Prisoners in the US are part of a hidden workforce linked to hundreds of popular food brands (text)
  3. Marjorie Kelly on the Capitalism Crisis: “Wealth Supremacy” is Killing Us (podcast)
  4. ‘Hell No’: Trump Allies’ Plan to Privatize Medicare Draws Alarm and Outrage (text)
  5. Warn Voters About the Radicalism Beyond Trump (text)
  6. Biden & Netanyahu React To ICJ: ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now (Genocide Remix)’ (Video: May be inappropriate for some viewers)
  7. Israel’s campaign in Gaza ‘plausibly’ amounts to genocide, US court finds (text)
  8. The Israel Project’s 2009 GLOBAL LANGUAGE DICTIONARY (text)
  9. Students on hunger strike call for Brown University to divest from pro-Israel companies (text)
  10. Inside Meta, a debate over when the word ‘Zionist’ is hate speech (text)
  11. Readings on El Salvador:

January 28 to February 3, 2024

  1. China is ‘world’s sole manufacturing superpower’, with 35% of global output (text/video)
  2. ICJ Israel decision: A new world order in the making
  3. Jeffrey D. Sachs – Israel cannot hide from the International Court of Justice
    (text) (video)
  4. SPEECH: Haiti: A Black Revolution Will Repeat Itself, 1966 (text)
  5. Negroes Steppin’ and Fetchin’ for Imperialism (text)
  6. Russia warns Niger as Africa rises in BRICS, G20 (video)
  7. Capitalism, Apathy and the Rise of Authoritarianism (podcast)
  8. “The World is Watching”: Witnesses Report Kenneth Smith Appeared Conscious, ​“Shook and Writhed” During First-Ever Nitrogen Hypoxia Execution (text)
  9. Why the world’s biggest EV maker is getting into shipping (text)
    Note: when it asks about cookie settings, click “reject all cookies”. Default OKs sale of personal data. This is probably true on many sites but they are unusually clear about it.
  10. Haiti Government Still Hopeful After Ruling Against Kenya Support Mission
  11. What is ECOWAS and why have 3 coup-hit nations quit the West Africa bloc?
  12. Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger withdraw from ECOWAS, accusing Bloc of ‘Inhumane’ Sanctions

January 21 to January 27, 2024

  1. America and Iran step closer to the brink of wars (text)
  2. Inside the Heritage Foundation’s Plans for ‘Institutionalizing Trumpism‘ (text)
  3. International Coalition To Stop Genocide In Palestine Welcomes World Court’s Order (text)
  4. High school journalists are fighting back against censorship (text)
  5. Kenyans Protest Their Government’s Participation in the Latest Haiti Occupation (audio)

January 14 to January 20, 2024

  1. People’s Forum did a screening of the International Court of Justice proceedings. 
    If you are not up to watching the entire screening, you might want to watch Craig Mokhiber’s excellent, opening presentation.
  2. Inequality Inc.How corporate power divides our world and the need for a new era of public action (text)
  3. Reformist Arevalo sworn in as Guatemala president after opponents delay inauguration (text)
  4. Michael Hudson: US imperialism, Krugman, de-dollarization, socialism, Palestine, China (video)
  5. The Eric Adams Table of Success (web site)
  6. Harry Belafonte speaking to Congressional Black Caucus in 2005 (video clip)

January 7 to January 13, 2024

  1. Elon Musk’s Odious One-Man War Against Labor Law Just May Succeed (text)
    Note: Musk is odious and may be leading it, but it is by no means a “one-man” war.
  2. San Quentin News (web site)
  3. U.S. launches new strikes on Yemen’s Houthis as conflict escalates (text)
    Who are the Houthis? A simple guide to the Yemeni group (text)
  4. Housing Cannot be a Fundamental Human Right and a Commodity at the Same Time (podcast)
  5. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    The Three Evils of Society (speech): War, Racism and Poverty
    Beyond Vietnam (transcript and audio)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Jan. 1, 2024 – Jan. 6, 2024

  1. John Pilger, campaigning journalist, dies aged 84
    Celebrated Australian journalist and documentary film-maker covered conflicts in Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh and Biafra
  2. How Yemen changed everything (text)
  3. This is the Atlanta Way: A Primer on Cop City (text)
  4. Proposed Baltimore police and fire training facility has hefty price tag: $330 million (text)
  5. Why Is Nobody Talking About the [Nashville} Law Enforcement Training Academy? (text)
  6. A fraying coalition: Black, Hispanic, young voters abandon Biden as election year begins (text)
  7. “All Static and Noise” is an anti-China propaganda film about the Uyghurs (text)

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