A Public Bank for NY

Scott Baker –  President of Common Ground NYCNY State Coordinator, Public Banking Institute and Mike Krauss – a former officer of county and state government, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Republican State Committee and an advisor to regional and national political and public policy organizations – gave a presentation (see the notes) on the Public Banking option, answered questions and provided a few facts about how to fund a public bank in NY.

We had a great discussion about what can be done. The first step is to sign Scott Baker’s petition. It only takes a couple of minutes to look up, read, and commit one’s signature to the cause.

We are in the process of educating ourselves and finding allies to possibly push for New York State or New York City to establish a public bank, along the lines now working successfully in North Dakota.  The proposal is one of the core suggestions in the New Day New York report on finance in NYC.

We are in the information-collection stage of this project.

  1. To get right into the weed’s get a copy of one of  Ellen Hodgson Brown’s books.  She is the guru on all things Public Banking.  She recently came out with The Public Bank Solution: From Austerity to Prosperity.
  2. Take a look at this article from Dollars and Sense.
  3. This Debate on Public Banks in the NY Times is interesting and includes lots of comments worth reading
  4. John Dennie, Postal Defender spoke to us about Postal banking.
  5. Inspector General’s Report: Providing Non-bank Financial Services to the Underserved
  6. NY State Bill re Public Banks. Perhaps taking on the ask of promoting it with our allies would be useful.
  7. For info on the Pennsylvania public bank project, here is a web site , a short video.that doesn’t really tell us anything new, and longer one that might

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  1. There is an interview with Marc Armstrong executive director of the Pubic Banking Institute.(.org)
    Go to WBAI.org, click on Archives, go to Friday, Jan 17, 9:00 am-Guns & Butter
    Also, the final day for the Guns & Butter, Dec. 6, interview with Ellen Brown is Feb 4.
    She published the book, The Public Banking Solution.

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