Sept. 2021: CUNY panel on Occupy Wall Street: Its impact 10 years later featuring Cathy O’Neil and Suresh Naidu

Working Groups exhibition on Occupy Wall Street, Occupy the SEC and others Jan/Feb 2019 52 Shades of Greed playing cards featured

September 2017 Occupy Wall Street in the Age of Trump
July 2017 Protesters can make an impact and have fun, too Proflle of Marni Halasa

September 2016 Downtown Express Occupy Wall Street, Five Years Later
May 2016 Left Forum Panel: Globalization for the 99%
April 2016: Scholar uses lens of anthropology to examine people’s economic lives
March 2016: Five years later, here are 9 important movements that grew out of Occupy

November 2015: Indy Kids: Occupy Summer School
August 2015: Protest U: Occupy Summer School in The New Yorker
Summer 2015: Fictions of Finance: Dissent Magazine

July 2015: Occupy Summer School teaches teens how to stage a protest
July 2015: German Radio Protest aus Angst
May 2015: Left Forum Panel: What is Occupy Up To?

October 2014: Props and Agit-Prop: New York Times
October 2014: Occupy Finance named “Book of the Day” by the P2P Foundation
August 2014: Finance, Figuration and the Alternative Banking Working Group Vol. 40, No. 1 (Autumn 2014), pp. 53-58 by Hannah Appel
April 2014: Interviews of authors of Occupy Finance by Oriana P. Roerkraeyer
January 18, 2014: PressTV: New Yorkers Protest “Citizens United
January 10, 2014: Vimeo: Alternative Banking, Occupy Finance
January 1, 2014: Bottom 10, Top 5 Things about Wall Street in 2013

December 18, 2013: PayScale: 2 Ways Occupy Wall Street Affects You Today
December 2, 2013: Mathbabe: Protest JP Morgan at Noon
September 30, 2013: Popular Resistance: “Occupy Finance” book published by the OWS Alternative Banking Group
September 21, 2013: NPR: Occupy Movement at Two

September 17, 2013: Inside Out: Occupy Finance: Alternative Banking?
September 17, 2013: FT.Com Occupy the Bookshelf: #OWS Turns Two
September 17, 2013: New York Times Dealbook: Occupy Has a Mellow 2nd Birthday
September 17, 2013: Bloomberg View: Get Your Occupy Finance Book in Zuccotti Park
September 16, 2013: Daily Kos: Occupy Group Releases Their Alternative Banking Book – Occupy Finance

August 29, 2013: Occupy Wall Street Targets HSBC
August 28, 2013: FAIR: HSBC Continues to Launder Money
June 6, 2013: Left Forum: “Break up the Megabanks: Special Alternative Banking Meeting at the Left Forum.”
April 24, 2013: Ciitigroup Sees Off Shareholder Revolt
April 24, 2013: 10 Reasons to Protest the Citigroup Shareholders Meeting
April 24, 2013: La Journada
April 24, 2013: Huffington Post: Show Time! Tripping the Light Fantastic as a Performance Artist for Occupy Wall Street
April 24, 2013: Dealbreaker: Spandex-Clad Roller Girl Would Like To Introduce Citigroup Execs’ Asses To Her Hand, Photo:
March 8, 2013: Huffington Post: When Good Things Happen to Bad People
February 15, 2013: Mathbabe: HSBC Protest

December 18, 2012: Naked Capitalism: Neil Barofsky Meets with Occupy Wall Street
November 16, 2012: FT.Com Play the global financial card game
September 21, 2012: The Economist on Occupy Wall Street
September 16, 2012: New York Times: 52 Shades of Greed card deck on New York Times City Room
September 14, 2012: Aljazeera: Prosecuting Wall Street
September 14, 2012: Globe and Mail: The Comeback of Occupy Wall Street

September 9, 2012: Naked Capitalism: Sheila Bair meets the Alternative Banking group and Occupy Bank
August 4, 2012: Le Monde: Alt Banking and Occupy Bank
May 1, 2012: PBS Frontline: Occupy as well as Money, Power and Wall Street (Episode 4).

Full interview of Cathy O’Neil and others here.

April 27, 2012: Washington Post, Occupy the Regulatory System!
April 26, 2012:

  1. We invited Vikram Pandit to speak with us again. See this wonderful invitation on
  2. It got picked up by Lisa Pollack at FT Alphaville.

April 21, 2012: Paramus Patch, Can Capitalism be Compassionate?
April 12, 2012: Archives of NYC General Assembly page for Alternative Banking Group
March 27, 2012: NPR’s Morning EditionOccupy Groups Re-imagine the Bank
January 31, 2012: Alternative Banking statement on Too Big to Fail published in FT.Com Alphaville blog.

December 13, 2011: Mother Jones: Meet the financial wizards working with Occupy Wall Street
December 5, 2011: OWS Statement from Alternative Banking published in FT.Com Alphaville blog.
November 16, 2011: John Gapper’s blog
October 31, 2011: Felix Salmon’s blog

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