“How Wall Street Won” by Rana Foohrar, Time Magazine
“The Scholars Who Shill for Wall Street”  by Lee Fang, The Nation
“Let’s Consider Kate” by John Lanchester, The London Review of Books
“The Quiet Coup” by Simon Johnson, The Atlantic Monthly
“Why I’m Leaving Goldman Sachs” by Greg Smith, New York Times

One of the most perceptive and strikingly outspoken analysts of the financial system is Matt Taibbi, who writes for Rolling Stone.  He has also appeared on Bill Moyers’ PBS show multiple times (linked in the video section). Here are some of his articles and television appearances:

The failure of the ratings agencies
National Debt and the Fed
Inside the Horror Show That Is Congress
How Wall Street Is Using the Bailout to Stage a Revolution
Is the SEC Covering Up Wall Street Crimes?
Invasion of the Home Snatchers
Looting Main Street
The People vs. Goldman Sachs  (5/11/2011)
The Great American Bubble Machine (7/9/2009)  [the story of the great vampire squid]

Television Appearances

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