Ethics conversation needs to assist responsible change

A thought I had since we were talking about the romantic notions of a post office, meeting postal workers and the value of getting postcards last week.

As a society we strive for efficiencies and progress and in our discussions that often sounds negative or even avoidable which I find alienating.
I am not for dehumanizing society, but if I can hang out with you rather than meet you at the teller or the post office

I’d prefer that and automate the other activities.

Our Ethics conversations should include something that speaks to/assists responsible change…
something that is very difficult for involved parties, i.e. the employee, employer and policy makers.
Transformations require new skills and suddenly ‘old’ skills are out and with that experienced people are replaced by new people. remember the analogue to digital transformation…exactly how it went.

half of the financial crisis stems from lack of transparency, increased complexity and opportunities to exploit that….

I wonder what can we provide that guides through this type of transitional void?

use case: over the next 5 years 3D printing will impact manufacturing, healthcare …EVERYTHING…
we had 3D printers in school in 1990…them becoming inexpensive and available to consumers compares to the shift from mainframe to desktop.
the change is huge, hyperlocal, less wasteful …economies of scale for manufacturing will be replaced by customized designs available via iDesign or whatever the library will be called.

How can we anticipate something like this?? manufacturing jobs will lost…We need to create humanity and fairness when new systems are created the same way we look for financial inclusion and net neutrality.

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