2 Replies to “Website Enhancements”

    Can we create two blog streams: one for discussions like this one and a separate one for topical discussions on things we discuss at meetings?

    Right now, the “Voices” page could serve as the “topical discussions”. People CAN comment there, but currently they are not. Maybe that is all we need is to figure out how to get a discussion going on those pages.

    I’m not sure with the free WordPress service if two separate blog streams are possible (but I’m not sure they aren’t).

  2. I am strongly opposed to having Facebook or Google javascript on our site. I think this is necessary for the “share this” sort of buttons but it also allows them to run Javascript that can track you in various ways.

    Also, when we post books, we should use a link to the author or publisher, not to Amazon whenever possible. While it is true that Amazon will often sell the book more cheaply, people know that, we don’t need to advertize for them.

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