Occupy Summer School

We are super-excited about the course we are teaching this summer at the UA Institute for Math and Science for Young Women

We have been written up in

The New Yorker Protest U
Indy Kids Occupy Summer School
the Metro: Occupy Summer School teaches teens how to stage a protest

and broadcast on German radio

Course Outline

  • Week One: Introduction to Activism
    • Introduction: Occupy and activism
    • Ale: Why I became an activist
    • Laborers Local 79: what can be achieved through organizing
    • Gerald: What went wrong in Baltimore? Protest, safety, and the media
    • Marni:  Creative Activism, and how to make a splash
  • Week Two: Dive into topics
    • Cathy: Debt, or why high school is free but college is expensive
    • Walmart organizers: The fight for fair wages
    • Stop Mass Incarceration Now Network
    • Suresh: Inequality in America
  • Week Three: Action
    • Planning the protest
    • Constructing the materials
    • Carrying out the protest
    • Writing up the results

When and where:

Occupy Summer School will debut at the
UA Institute for Math and Science for Young Women
July 6 – 24, Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 11 AM



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