New and Noteworthy 2023-2024

  1. Housing solutions
  2. Prisoners in the US are part of a hidden workforce linked to hundreds of popular food brands (text)
  3. Marjorie Kelly on the Capitalism Crisis: “Wealth Supremacy” is Killing Us (podcast)
  4. ‘Hell No’: Trump Allies’ Plan to Privatize Medicare Draws Alarm and Outrage (text)
  5. Warn Voters About the Radicalism Beyond Trump (text)
  6. Biden & Netanyahu React To ICJ: ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now (Genocide Remix)’ (Video: May be inappropriate for some viewers)
  7. Israel’s campaign in Gaza ‘plausibly’ amounts to genocide, US court finds (text)
  8. The Israel Project’s 2009 GLOBAL LANGUAGE DICTIONARY (text)
  9. Students on hunger strike call for Brown University to divest from pro-Israel companies (text)
  10. Inside Meta, a debate over when the word ‘Zionist’ is hate speech (text)
  11. Readings on El Salvador:

January 28 to February 3, 2024

  1. China is ‘world’s sole manufacturing superpower’, with 35% of global output (text/video)
  2. ICJ Israel decision: A new world order in the making
  3. Jeffrey D. Sachs – Israel cannot hide from the International Court of Justice
    (text) (video)
  4. SPEECH: Haiti: A Black Revolution Will Repeat Itself, 1966 (text)
  5. Negroes Steppin’ and Fetchin’ for Imperialism (text)
  6. Russia warns Niger as Africa rises in BRICS, G20 (video)
  7. Capitalism, Apathy and the Rise of Authoritarianism (podcast)
  8. “The World is Watching”: Witnesses Report Kenneth Smith Appeared Conscious, ​“Shook and Writhed” During First-Ever Nitrogen Hypoxia Execution (text)
  9. Why the world’s biggest EV maker is getting into shipping (text)
    Note: when it asks about cookie settings, click “reject all cookies”. Default OKs sale of personal data. This is probably true on many sites but they are unusually clear about it.
  10. Haiti Government Still Hopeful After Ruling Against Kenya Support Mission
  11. What is ECOWAS and why have 3 coup-hit nations quit the West Africa bloc?
  12. Mali, Burkina Faso, and Niger withdraw from ECOWAS, accusing Bloc of ‘Inhumane’ Sanctions

January 21 to January 27, 2024

  1. America and Iran step closer to the brink of wars (text)
  2. Inside the Heritage Foundation’s Plans for ‘Institutionalizing Trumpism‘ (text)
  3. International Coalition To Stop Genocide In Palestine Welcomes World Court’s Order (text)
  4. High school journalists are fighting back against censorship (text)
  5. Kenyans Protest Their Government’s Participation in the Latest Haiti Occupation (audio)

January 14 to January 20, 2024

  1. People’s Forum did a screening of the International Court of Justice proceedings. 
    If you are not up to watching the entire screening, you might want to watch Craig Mokhiber’s excellent, opening presentation.  
  2. Inequality Inc.How corporate power divides our world and the need for a new era of public action (text)
  3. Reformist Arevalo sworn in as Guatemala president after opponents delay inauguration (text)
  4. Michael Hudson: US imperialism, Krugman, de-dollarization, socialism, Palestine, China (video)
  5. The Eric Adams Table of Success (web site)
  6. Harry Belafonte speaking to Congressional Black Caucus in 2005 (video clip)

January 7 to January 13, 2024

  1. Elon Musk’s Odious One-Man War Against Labor Law Just May Succeed (text)
    Note: Musk is odious and may be leading it, but it is by no means a “one-man” war.
  2. San Quentin News (web site)
  3. U.S. launches new strikes on Yemen’s Houthis as conflict escalates (text)
    Who are the Houthis? A simple guide to the Yemeni group (text)
  4. Housing Cannot be a Fundamental Human Right and a Commodity at the Same Time (podcast)
  5. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    The Three Evils of Society (speech): War, Racism and Poverty
    Beyond Vietnam (transcript and audio)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Jan. 1, 2024 – Jan. 6, 2024

  1. John Pilger, campaigning journalist, dies aged 84
    Celebrated Australian journalist and documentary film-maker covered conflicts in Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangladesh and Biafra
  2. How Yemen changed everything (text)
  3. This is the Atlanta Way: A Primer on Cop City (text)
  4. Proposed Baltimore police and fire training facility has hefty price tag: $330 million (text)
  5. Why Is Nobody Talking About the [Nashville} Law Enforcement Training Academy? (text)
  6. A fraying coalition: Black, Hispanic, young voters abandon Biden as election year begins (text)
  7. “All Static and Noise” is an anti-China propaganda film about the Uyghurs (text)

Nov. 19 to Nov. 25, 2023 (web site down for a period)

  1. UnitedHealth uses AI model with 90% error rate to deny care, lawsuit alleges
  2. Secretive White House Surveillance Program Gives Cops Access to Trillions of US Phone Records
  3. Palestine’s UN representative Nada Abu Tarbush confronts Israel’s actions in Gaza
  4. Musk’s Lawsuit Is About Destroying Free Speech
  5. Activists Disrupt Thanksgiving Day Parade: End Genocide, Don’t Celebrate It

Nov. 5 to Nov. 11, 2023

  1. Letter from Gaza (Ghassan Kanafani / John Berger) (podcast)
  2. Jews Say NO To Israel’s Genocide In Gaza & UN Official Craig Mokhiber Resigns (video)
    2 hours, recommend at least the first half but whole thing is worthwhile
  3. Jewish New Yorkers occupy Statue of Liberty to demand Israel-Gaza ceasefire (text)
  4. Special Emergency Podcast on Gaza, October 8th 2023 (video/transcript)
  5. Israeli attacks on journalists helps hide their war crimes (text)
  6. How Organizers In Rio’s Favelas Are Harnessing Solar Energy (text)

Oct. 30 to Nov. 4, 2023

  1. AI Cameras Took Over One Small American Town. Now They’re Everywhere (text)
  2. ‘Wage Theft Is Built Into the Business Models of Many Industries’ (podcast/transcript)
  3. Why Pharmacy Workers at CVS and Walgreens Are Protesting (text)
  4. How They Did It: Labor Journalist Jane Slaughter on UAW’s “Life-Changing” Deal with Big 3 Automakers (audio)
  5. U.S. Investigating Whether Mayor Eric Adams Received Illegal Donations From Turkey (text)
  6. Medical debt is disappearing from Americans’ credit reports, lifting scores (text)
  7. Israel’s military was ordered to attack Israelis on 10/7 (video)
  8. “We Need To DESTROY Gaza” – Fmr Israeli Ambassador Dror Eydar To Italy (video)
  9. LEAKED! Israel’s Plan To PURGE Palestinians From Gaza! (video)
  10. “Not in Our Name”: 400 Arrested at Jewish-Led Sit-in at NYC’s Grand Central Demanding Gaza Ceasefire (video)
  11. Israel Is Committing A HOLOCAUST (video)
  12. So What Is Zionism Exactly? w/ Dan Cohen (video)
  13. ‘I was fired for calling Israel an apartheid state’: US podcast host Katie Halper (video)
  14. Biden Spokesperson Karina Jean-Pierre Compares ‘Pro-Palestine’ With ‘Neo-Nazis’ (video)
  15. Video: Netanyahu Admits To Plan To Wipe Out Gaza! (video)
  16. Former Zionist British lord speaks the truth! (video)
  17. Angela Davis: ‘Palestine is a moral litmus test for the world’ (video)
  1. How Fascism Advances: The Culprits Are All Around Us (text)
  2. The Five Elements of Fascism (text / video)
  3. “Memphis exploded”: Police brutality and the massacre ( 2nd of 4 podcast episodes on Memphis massacre of 1866 and its legacy)
  4. How the U.S. Makes Its Wars Invisible (podcast)
  5. A Journey Toward Reparative Journalism (video)
  6. A Monumental SCOTUS Term begins (podcast)
  7. NY City Powerless to Seize Buildings from Landlords Who Fail to Pay Property Tax Bills Due to COVID Era Law (text)
  8. Protesters block roads in Guatemala (text)
  9. Sacre bleu, the bed bugs are coming for you: Skin-crawling videos show blood-sucking creatures crawling over seats on Paris trains and buses as France battles ‘invasion’ of the insects (text, video)
  10. Video shows Dianne Feinstein rebuking kids pushing her to back Green New Deal (video)
  11. The Weekly Wrap: Will NYC Suspend Its “Right To Shelter”? (text)
  12. Opinion: The cost of a workplace disaster (text)
  13. Workers Rights Ascendant Amid Writers and Actors Strikes in Hollywood and the UAW Strikes Against the Big 3 US Automakers (podcast compilation, transcript available)
  14. GM Battery Workers Will Be Union (text)

Sept. 24 to Sept. 30

  1. Twenty-Five Thousand Auto Workers Are Now on Strike at the Big 3 (text)
  2. Strike! Reality checking the labor movement.
    (podcast / essay)
  3. The Supreme Court May Soon Eviscerate The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (text)
  4. Black Alliance for Peace say NO to Cop City in Baltimore (text)
  5. The Powerful Think Tanks Portraying Climate Protest as Dangerous (audio)
  6. A key US government surveillance tool should face new limits, a divided privacy oversight board says (text)
  7. Latin American Women Take to the Streets on International Safe Abortion Day (text)
  8. Inside the vast digital campaign by Hindu nationalists to inflame India (text)

Sept. 17 to Sept. 23

  1. We Have Two Medias in This Country, and They’re Going to Elect Donald Trump (text)
  2. How Copaganda Really Works: The Media Helps Police Amplify Misleading Narratives Around Crime (text)
  3. Some insurance doesn’t cover COVID booster, or for uninsured There’s a government program to provide it free. (web site)
  4. Gavin Newsom Can Sign a Bill to End Price-Gouging in California Prisons (text)
  5. Your NFTs Are Actually — Finally — Totally Worthless (text)
  6. Fifty years on: the lasting tragedy of Chile’s coup (text)
  7. The NYPD is deploying a 420-pound robocop to roam Times Square’s subway station (text)

Sept. 10 – Sept. 16

  1. California pharmacies are making millions of mistakes. They’re fighting to keep that secret (text)
  2. The people of Ecuador just made climate justice history. The world can follow (text)
  3. Your car wants to know about your sex life (text)
  4. Property developer and CEO Tim Gurner: Workers are getting too uppity.
    “We need to see unemployment rise. Unemployment has to jump 40, 50 percent in my view. We need to see pain in the economy. We need to remind people that they work for the employer, not the other way around.” (video clip)
  5. Colorado mountain towns where teachers can’t afford housing have a new solution: Tiny homes built by child labor (text)
  6. Meet the Shadowy Global Network Vilifying Climate Protesters (text)
  7. Wall Street Bet Big on Used-Car Loans for Years. Now a Crisis May Be Looming. (text)
  8. Now Is It Time to Strip Fox of Its Broadcast (text)
  9. Earth ‘well outside safe operating space for humanity’, scientists find (text)
  10. How a mobile-home park saved its community from a corporate buyout (text)
  11. Major Right-Wing Groups Form Plan to Imprison LGBTQ People, Censor the Internet (& More) in 2025 (video)
  12. Matt Walsh Attacks Woman For Her Childless Life Of Doing Whatever She Wants (video)

Sept 3 – Sept 9

  1. Texas pays bitcoin miner $31 million not to use electricity during crisis (text)
  2. Amid Record Heat, Texas Locks Prisoners Down (text)
  3. Google gets its way, bakes a user-tracking ad platform directly into Chrome (text)
  4. A Political Prosecution”: 61 Cop City Opponents Hit with RICO Charges by Georgia’s Republican AG (video/text)

August 27-Sept 2

  1. Norman Solomon: Biden’s Biggest Failures (video)
  2. Kaniela Ing and Kahala Johnson: How Hawaii’s Oligarchs Set Fire To Maui (video)
  3. How to Get Past a Paywall to Read an Article for Free (text)
    But we do encourage people to subscribe or donate to good sites if they can afford it — especially to free and non-profit sites — because they do need it to operate and are an essential resource.
  4. Niger: I’m holding back ECOWAS, others from military invasion- Tinubu (text)
  5. Unconstitutional Sheriffs
  6. Follow the money: Landlord group was one of biggest spenders on lobbyists last year (text)
  7. How did Vivek Ramaswamy make his money? (video)
  8. Saudi Arabia: Man Sentenced to Death for Tweets (text)
  9. Human Rights Watch reports Saudi Arabia killed “at least hundreds” of Ethiopian Refugees
    “They Fired on Us Like Rain” (video/text)
  10. Gabon: Military seizes power after reelection of Ali Bongo (text)
  11. EU planning new Africa mission in Gulf of Guinea — report
    “Mission” being a euphemism for armed intervention (text)

August 20-26

  1. Energy company evades oil clean up as spills continue to contaminate Colombian town (text)
  2. G20 poured more than $1tn into fossil fuel subsidies despite Cop26 pledges – report (text)
  3. Remember When Late Night Hosts Mocked Ivermectin? – Now (NOT) Approved By FDA To Treat COVID! (video)
    • NOTE: JD CLAIM IS FALSE: FDA has not approved Ivermectin for COVID. Doctors are allowed to prescribe drugs for “off-label” purposes they have not been tested or approved for. Someone from the FDA, under questioning in an lawsuit, confirmed that this means that doctors can legally prescribe Ivermectin for COVID. That is not approval.
  4. “You Won’t Turn Niger Into Another Libya!” – African Leaders (video)
  5. Party Time? (w/ Philip Locker & Scott Karolidis) — Bad Faith Podcast: DSA leaders debate strategy (podcast)
  6. Who Deserves Amphetimines (Drug use in America) (text)
  7. Trader Joe’s Workers Are Carrying Out an Experiment in Independent Unionism (text)

August 13-19

  1. Amazon Says It Doesn’t ‘Employ’ Drivers, But Records Show It Hired Firms to Prevent Them From Unionizing (text)
  2. Why I Won’t Vote by W.E.B. Dubois, October 1956 (text)
  3. The Hidden Fee Costing Doctors Millions Every Year (text)
  4. How “Moderates” Serve The Right (video)
  5. Florida Isn’t Teaching Its Students About the Climate Crisis Threatening the State’s Survival (text)
  6. Is Trump Fascist? (video)
  7. Trump and the Republican party exemplify these five elements of fascism (text)
  8. Niger:
  9. PRIMARY OCCUPATION: AIPAC and the Democratic Party

August 6-12

  1. Revolutionary Summer School Readings:
    Jarrettia highlights: Life of Debt: The Stranglehold of Neocolonialism and Africa’s Search for Alternatives (text, starting on page 44)
  2. Libya and colonization
  3. Eric Adams Administration of Bluster (text, audio) — if you hit a paywall, try a different browser.
  4. Living Through Maui’s Unimaginable Wildfires (text) — if you hit a paywall, try a different browser.
  5. Do Justice Dems Deserve to Fail? (video)
  6. Niger (World Socialist Website text)
  7. Why Should CEOs Make 300 Times What Their Workers Make? (text) No paywall but requires registration
  8. The Fed may have saved the economy by hiking rates for 18 months—and may have guaranteed crisis for emerging markets (text)
  9. Secret Pakistan Cable Documents U.S. Pressure to Remove Imran Khan (text)
  10. Israel (Mondoweiss text)
  11. Affirmative action (People’s Policy Project text)
  12. Peace talks (South China News text)
  13. Rising rents in NYC (The City text)
  14. How Houston’s homeless strategy became a model for other US cities (text)
  15. How Houston Halved Homelessness—and What California Can Learn From It (text)
  16. Barbie: A Subversive Review (video)

Past topics

  1. Wage Theft Costs American Workers Billions Each Year (text)
  2. ACLU sues Colorado Springs, FBI alleging illegal search of progressive nonprofit, activist’s home (text)
  3. Texas BANS Water Breaks For Workers In Extreme Heat | The Kyle Kulinski Show (video)
  4. Jury finds Food Not Bombs not guilty In first trial for feeding homeless outside Houston library, (text)
  5. Memphis Food Not Bombs asked to leave Court Square Park while feeding the homeless, then receives apology (video/text)
  6. Child from Honduras is one of two people dead on or near Texas’ anti-migrant border buoys (text)
  7. The Most Frightening Part of the Trump Indictment (text)
  8. CNBC Anchor Accuses UAW Leader of ‘Class Warfare’ for Fighting for Workers (text)
  9. Economic Update: Today’s Class Struggles with Chris Hedges (video or same content downloadable as podcast)
  10. Blowback in Africa: U.S.-Trained Officer Overthrows Pro-U.S. Leader in Niger, U.S. Drone Base Site (video / transcript)
  11. Fitch downgrades US credit rating, citing mounting debt and political divisions (text)
  12. Elon Musk Is Absolutely an Enemy of Free Speech (text)
  13. Twitter is making millions of dollars as anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric jumps 119% under Elon Musk. (text)

July 23 through July 29, 2023

  1. The GOP Plans To Hunt You Down… But America’s Brownshirts Beat Them To It (video)
  2. LA Cop BEATS Trans Man, Writes BONKERS Incident Report (video)
  3. Nativism in Media (Part I) — How Dehumanization and Militarization Manufactured a “Border Crisis” (audio/podcast)
  4. The company you’ve never heard of that is telling your landlord to evict you (text)
  5. The City That Made Former Prisoners A Protected Class (podcast)
  6. Where The Community Owns The Real Estate (podcast)
  7. White supremacist Alabama lawmakers defy U.S. Supreme Court (text)
  8. Note to Florida and DeSantis: Enslaved Africans were already skilled (text)
  9. Food not Bombs being given $2000 citations for feeding homeless people (tweet/tiktok)
  10. Beyond Prisons: Penitence for the Privileged (podcast)
  11. Peace reigns on the lower yard (text) San Quentin News: Day of Peace 2023 (video)
  12. King Charles to receive huge pay rise from UK taxpayers (text)

July 16 through July 22, 2023

  1. Reposted from last week (because overwritten)
  2. A Federal Judge Asks: Does the Supreme Court Realize How Bad It Smells? (text)
  3. Tommy Tuberville Is Whitewashing White Nationalism (text)
  4. Three-Strike Struggles (text)
  5. Uprisings Discussed by (Pan)-Africans in France (video)
  6. Who Owns Newark (text)
  7. Superyachts symbolize climate breakdown (text)
  8. Judge’s Rebuke of New York City Signals Potential of Rikers Takeover (text)
  9. Will The GOP Kill 45,000 Americans Every Year So Billionaires Can Profit Even More? (video)
  10. Liberal Elites Wage CLASS WAR On Marriage | Breaking Points (video) (The title makes it sound like far-right claptrap. It isn’t.)
  11. The Reason You’re Poor (It’s more than just taxes) (video)
  12. Poverty in America is by design w/Matthew Desmond | The Chris Hedges Report (video)
  13. MAGA Morons Reveal INSANE AMC Theatres Conspiracy (video)

July 9 through July 15, 2023

  1. AOC P I S S E S In Progressives’ Faces! (video)
  2. Hollywood Studios’ WGA Strike Endgame Is To Let Writers Go Broke Before Resuming Talks In Fall (text)
  3. How the pharmaceutical companies financially promote their drugs to physicians (text)
  4. One In 20 Brits Run Out Of Food And Can’t Afford To Buy More, Official Data Reveals (text) Probably worse in U.S.
  5. The Campaign for Public Banking in New York City (audio)
  6. New York City Council overrides Mayor Eric Adams’ veto on housing voucher bills (text and video)
  7. City Jails No Longer Announcing Deaths Behind Bars, Angering Watchdogs (article)
  8. Lawyers with supreme court business paid Clarence Thomas aide via Venmo (text)
  9. Kissinger falls victim to Russian pranksters posing as Zelensky (text)
  11. The Israeli ambassador to Denmark protests against the dissemination of this video. The real protest is against this savagery. (video)
  12. ‘You are going to kill someone’: multiple warnings about Titan sub were ignored (text)
  13. Cleaner accidentally ruins decades of US college’s research by turning off freezer (text)
  14. Corruption in Guatemalan elections (text)

July 2 through July 8, 2023

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June 25 through July 1, 2023

  1. SCOTUS ends affirmative action (text)
  2. SCOTUS rejects student loan relief and supports religious anti-LGBTQ rights (text)
  3. The Supreme Court’s Blessing of Anti-LGBTQ+ Discrimination Will Haunt Gay Couples (text)
  4. MAGA SCOTUS Is Back (podcast)
  5. Ignored history: Mexico and the US, last part of a three part series. Parts 1 and 2 are also well worth listening to (video)
  6. Take action on the Clean Slate Act Call Gov. Hochul at 518-474-8390
  7. Follow-up on Modi’s India (text)
  8. Greyzone audits US funding to Ukraine (text)
  9. Post-pandemic economic recovery by gender, race, wage rate, education (text w/charts)
  10. In Nazi diatribe, Trump calls for mass deportations of socialists and communists (text)

June 18 through June 24, 2023

  1. ‘Put Down the Crack Pipe!’: Cornel West Scolds RFK Jr. | The Kyle Kulinski Show (video)
  2. Thom Hartmann: Only Three Steps Left Before the Fascist Takeover is Complete!! How To Stop Their Dastardly Plan?? (video)
  3. BOMBSHELL: Supreme Court Student Debt Case IMPLODES | The Kyle Kulinski Show (video)
  4. Near-supermajority of California voters want Sen. Dianne Feinstein to resign (text)
  5. Thom Hartmann: This Man Wants To Bring Back Lynchings & He Isn’t Alone (video)
  6. Frank Zappa on Pat Robertson, religion and the Right Wing (1988) (video)
  7. Job-hopping – millennials manipulate the employment market without unions: the reason wages are rising? (text)
  8. Open borders, the neoliberal answer to a tight job(-hopping) market? (text)
  9. Coverage of capsized migrant boat that likely killed hundreds overshadowed by OceanGate rescue efforts (text)
  10. Ignoring Latino History (podcast)

June 11 through June 17, 2023

  1. Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Slams “Idiot Journalists” Smearing Him (video)
  2. “We Need To Start Killing”: Trump Fans Call For WAR | The Kyle Kulinski Show (video)
  3. The Growing Specter of Israeli Settler Violence and Extremism (video)
  4. Meet the U.S. Nonprofit That Funds the Israeli Guards Who Terrorize Palestinians (text)
  5. Native American Families Are Being Broken Up Despite a Law Meant to Keep Children With Their Parents (text)
  6. Clean Slate Inititative (website text)
  7. Hochul resists Coverage for All proposal (text)
  8. Ethnic and racial identities of second generation black immigrants in NYC (sociological study, summary findings begin bottom of pdf p21 through p24 [text pp814-817])

June 4 through June 10, 2023

  1. AI: Existential risk, AI, and the inevitable turn in human history
  2. Police: N.Y.P.D. Anti-Crime Units Returning to Illegal Tactics, Report Shows (text)
  3. Defend the Atlanta Forest (web site)
  4. Lawsuit Claims Health Department let NYCHA cover up lead paint hazards even after child was hospitalized (text)
  5. If Elizabeth Gurley Flynn’s life is worth hiding, it’s worth knowing (text)
  6. How to make your own clean air fan (video)
  7. Choking on Smoke? There Are Very Specific People to Blame (text)
  8. There’s always more money for “defense” War (text)
  9. Long and dense but some may be interested: Colonial Lives of Poverty (podcast)

May 28 to June 3, 2023

  1. Policing Can’t Be Reformed And Must Be Abolished (podcast)
  2. Equality Alec: The Big Deception (Part 1) (text)
  3. In Blow To LA County’s Cash Bail System, Judge Issues Injunction Limiting Bail Prior To Arraignment (text)
  4. A Statement from The Defender on the Fascist Political Repression of Stop Cop City Organizers (text)
  5. Liberation Through Housing: A Feature With Revolutionary Leader of KC Tenants (podcast)
  6. Why We Are Called Hammer & Hope (text)
  7. Algorithmic Justice League: Technology should serve all of us. Not just the privileged few. (web site/org)
  8. Exclusive: Progressives press Biden to issue an AI executive order (text)
  9. “We Need A Dictator”: Conservative Pundit Goes MASK OFF | The Kyle Kulinski Show (video)
  10. How to Humiliate an Economist (text)
  11. Revolutionary Summer School: Pan Africanism (6-week course)

May 21 to May 27, 2023

  1. NYPD arrests, runs scooters into protesters calling for Care Not Criminalization (text)
  2. ‘It was utterly surreal’: police accused of farcical error after 14 arrested at seminar on day of coronation (text) (Tony B comments: “When false or political arrests happen in China, it is called oppression. In the West, when the police round up non violent protesters, or arrest large numbers of people without cause, it is called an honest mistake.”)
  3. Pro-Life Reality Star Accidentally Admits She Got An Abortion (video)
  4. Media IGNORES Marianne Williamson Reviving FDR’s 2nd Bill Of Rights | The Kyle Kulinski Show (video)
  5. Abbott’s Plan to Pardon Sgt. Who Killed BLM Protester May Already Be Backfiring (text)
  6. Clarence Thomas Reversed Position After Gifts and Family Payments (text)

May 14, 2023 to May 20, 2023

  1. Neil Gorsuch is Preparing His Revenge: Gutting America’s Protective Agencies (text)
  2. White Christian nationalism emerges from shadows of GOP politics (video)
  3. Black Identity Extremism (podcast)
  4. Indian Boarding Schools Are Not Ancient History (podcast)
  5. Turkish Election:
  6. Age of Easy Money (full documentary) | FRONTLINE (video)
  7. Why This Zoomer Conservative Isn’t Woke (she had to read) (video)
  8. ‘Israel Has Destroyed Its Own Soul’ – Palestinian Writer (video)
  9. Video shows candy kids pulling off newest scam (video)
  10. China is calling in loans to dozens of countries from Pakistan to Kenya (video)

May 7, 2023 to May 13, 2023

  1. St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s resignation letter (text)
  2. The Katie Halper Show: Jordan Neely’s Killing & WGA Strike (with Milton Perez of VOCAL and Eugene Puryear) (video)
  3. Texas student shot, killed through wall while sleeping; shooter sentenced to 90 days | FOX 7 Austin (video)
  4. What is Happening to The Internet Archive? (video)
  5. Citing Argentina and Brazil, Bolivia says open to use China’s yuan​ (text)
  6. The Great Wealth Illusion (text)
  7. 31 Palestinians killed in Israeli bombardment of Gaza (text; must pass CAPTCHA)
  8. Amazon to Uber: digital monopolies and the new anti-trust movement (@ 30:58mins)
  9. Ohio Citizens Revolt After Republicans Attempt To Change The Rules To Overturn Election Result (video)

April 30, 2023 to May 6, 2023

  1. Economist Michael Hudson explains inflation crisis and Fed’s secretive $4.5 trillion bank bailout
  2. Bed, Bath and Beyond Bankruptcy: (read forwarded email or the scan references below):
  3. Geoffrey Hinton tells us why he’s now scared of the tech he helped build
  4. Tell Trader Joe’s: Stop union-busting!

April 23, 2023 to April 29, 2023

  1. Today, We Celebrate the Carnation Revolution (text)
  2. Fifteen NY city council members leave the Progressive Caucus (text)
  3. Burning Ashes: Puerto Rican Voices (video)
  4. Gunshots in Khartoum (text)
  5. Gaza Fights for Freedom (video)
  6. Hope Is a Discipline: Mariame Kaba on Dismantling the Carceral State (audio)
  7. Report from Haiti (tweet)
  8. Rupert. Logan. Clarence. (podcast)
  9. ‘The crowd were saying, “Kill him, kick him to death”’: what happened to the people who protested against King Charles? (text)

April 16, 2023 to April 22, 2023

  1. Zelensky Skimmed $400 Million In U.S. War Funds! Reveals Seymour Hersh (video)
  2. Journalists CONFRONTED Over Opposing Assange & Pushing Russiagate (video)
  3. Top Republican Tells His Owner Donors That Poor People Will Have To Work For Food Aid (video)
  4. Some of England’s trainee doctors are paid less than fast-food workers. They’ve had enough (text)
  5. Why Hollywood Writers Are Going on Strike (video)
  6. Econ 101 is failing college students (podcast)
  7. We Can Defeat Zero-Sum Politics (podcast)
  8. (Reposting) Angela Saini, “The Patriarchs – The Origins of Inequality” (podcast)
  9. Black running groups call for change after police were called to their Boston Marathon cheer section (text with video)
  10. The largest-ever decrease in the US prison population mostly benefited white people, study shows (audio/transcript)
  11. New York’s Imprisoned Women Brave Risks to Sue Sexual Abusers Under New Law (text)
  12. “A Weapon by the State to Silence Our Voices” (text)

April 9, 2023 to April 15, 2023

  1. School Police: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (video)
  2. Kansas Republicans Approve Child Genital Inspections | Krystal Kyle & Friends Podcast (video)
  3. U.S. Fascism Is Spreading Under the Guise of “Patriotic Education” (text)
  4. #FreeBlackMamas (web site)
  5. Oxfam Slams Rich Nations for Using ‘Financial Wizardry’ to Skimp on Global Climate Funding (text)
  6. Obituaries for Nuremberg Prosecutor Erase His Beliefs About the U.S. (text)
  7. ‘They want to protect White power’ (video)
  8. Expelled Memphis lawmaker credits student activists as he wins reappointment to Tennessee House (text)
  9. Texas Senate Passes Bill To Seize Control of Elections from Local Authorities (text)
  10. Texas man sentenced to 70 years in prison for spitting on police officers (text)
  11. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott seeks pardon for man convicted in murder of Black Lives Matter protester (video)

April 2 to April 8, 2023

  1. “Plantation Politics”: How White Mississippi Lawmakers Want to Seize Power in Majority-Black Jackson (audio)
  2. These Republicans are Trying to LITERALLY Send Your Kids Back To The Mines (audio)
  3. Extraordinarily stressed and vigilant? How racism makes people physically ill (text)
  4. A powerful anti-colonial exhibit by Puerto Rican artists (text)
  5. Opinion: It’s Not ‘Deaths of Despair.’ It’s Deaths of Children (text)
  6. Rep. Cori Bush: From Ferguson to the Halls of Congress (text)
  7. Clarence Thomas and the Billionaire (text)
  8. An Immigration Plan for the Climate Change Era (with Deepak Bhargava)
  9. Life Without Police: The grand unintentional experiment (text)
  10. Police don’t produce safety’: the Black feminist scholars fighting for abolition (text)

March 26 to April 1, 2023

  1. Angela Saini, “The Patriarchs – The Origins of Inequality” (audio)
  2. Editorial | If you build more public transit, they will come back (text)
  3. Job Listings Abound, but Many Are Fake (text)
  4. Katrina vanden Heuvel: What if the People Owned the Banks? The case for public banking. (text)
  5. Sabrina Salvati: Bronx Green Party DEMANDS An Apology From AOC (clip)–AOC smears Greens, Veterans for Peace and We Are Not Your Soliders (video)
  6. Ukraine Soldiers Kidnapping New “Recruits” In Broad Daylight! (video)
  7. Book Talk: Our Lives in Their Portfolios: Why Asset Managers Own the World (video)
  8. Mule Creek Post (Prison newspaper)
  9. Ear Hustle (prison podcast)
  10. Iraqis trying to put their lives back together (text)
  11. Long prison sentences are cruel and ineffective: here’s the proof (text)
  12. The Madness of King Powell (text)
  13. How Vallas Helped Wall Street Loot Chicago’s Schools (text/audio)
  14. Even ChatGPT Knows The U.S. Provoked Russia To Invade Ukraine (video)

March 19 to March 25, 2023

  1. The corporate girlies are not okay (text)
  2. Congress reconsiders past and present wars:
  3. Best of the Left: Exist, Resist, Indigenize, Decolonize: A story of colonialism, cultural renaissance and modernity (podcast, multiple audio clips)
  4. Africa: A Liveable Future for All is Possible, if We Take Urgent Climate Action: UN Report (text)
  5. COMMENT NOW: Biden policy on immigration:
  6. The Evolution of Alexey Navalny’s Nationalism (text)
  7. Chad says it has nationalised all assets owned by Exxon Mobil (text)
  8. How The United States Is Preparing For Imminent War With China (podcast)
  9. UK Lawyers Sign ‘Declaration of Conscience’ Not to Prosecute Peaceful Climate Protesters (text)
  10. India’s ‘Open Prisons’ Are a Marvel of Trust-Based Incarceration (text)

March 12 to March 18, 2023

  1. Interviews on Sellng of Capitalism, Reading of Communist Manifesto (audio)
  2. Bill Maher Goes Quiet As Bernie Checkmates Him On Student Debt | The Kyle Kulinski (video)
  3. Nikki Haley Rips Poor People: ‘Paid To Sit On The Couch’ | The Kyle Kulinski Show (video)
  4. Republicans Pushing to Make SNAP Even Harder to Get (video)
  5. Frankfurt Undermines Human Rights by Canceling a Concert by Roger Waters (text)
  6. The House That Mr. Mayer Built: Inside the Union-Busting Birth of the Academy Awards (text)
  7. After the Oscars’ Controversial ‘Naatu Naatu’ Performance, South Asian Dancers Are Fighting for Representation (article)
  8. Who Pays for Inflation? Economics and the Fed Policy (podcast)
  9. Banking crisis
  10. Multi-Millionaire Ben Shapiro Opposes Free School Lunches, Claims Parents Can Afford It Themselves (video)
  11. ‘Extreme’ and ‘abnormal’: 5 Black children taken into state custody after traffic stop over tinted windows (text)
  12. A potent white supremacist tool — propaganda (text)
  13. Biden administration quietly resumes deportations to Russia (text)
  14. NY State Budget
  15. “Navalny,” documentary nominated for March 12th Oscar, is disinformation (text)
  16. San Francisco Considers $5 Million Reparations Payouts to Eligible Black Adults (text)

Posts: March 5 to March 11, 2023

  1. UNMASKED: This Woman is the Leader of A Neo Nazi Terrorist Group (video)
  2. New York’s Black leaders to convene on crime following midterm losses for Democrats (text)
  3. Banks For The People (text)
  4. A cleaning company illegally hired a 13-year-old. Her family is paying the price. (text)
  5. Zelensky Thanks Corporate Elites, Says More Weapons For Ukraine Is Big Business Opportunity (text)
  6. Homeless Services corruption is just a taste of NYC’s nonprofit scams (text; submitter asks us to consider the source)
  7. John Oliver on Ron DeSantis (video)
  8. Kshama Sawant: How Obama – Not Russia Or Racism – Gave Us Trump! (video)
  9. ‘INVADE MEXICO’: More Republicans Call For WAR | The Kyle Kulinski Show (video)
  10. Texas Bill Gives MASSIVE Tax Cut to Straight People with Families (video)
  11. Do We Really Live Under Capitalism? (Yes) (video)
  12. Inside the “Private and Confidential” Conservative Group That Promises to “Crush Liberal Dominance” (text)
  13. We Got Us: A Case Study and Reflections on Supporting an Arrestee from the 2020 Uprisings (text)
  14. Surviving a Pogrom: Palestinian in Huwara Decries Israeli Settler Attack as “Ethnic Cleansing” (video)
  15. Spy Balloons: The Ultimate Distraction (podcast)
  16. Here’s Why the Science Is Clear That Masks Work (text)

February 26, 2003 to March 4, 2003

  1. Zelensky Threatened w/ DEATH If He Negotiated With Russia! (video)
  2. Here’s how dangerous the Ohio chemical train derailment really was (text)
  3. U.S. Air Force Tests X-62 VISTA Aircraft Testing The Use Of AI In Airspace & Defense War (text)
  4. Ron DeSantis is weaponizing partisan media — and weakening independent sources (text)
  5. AI “reporters” spread disinformation about Ohio train derailment (text)
  6. Ron DeSantis accused of illegal acts of torture against Guantanamo detainees when he was a Navy JAG officer (text)
  7. Holy Uproar After Adams Decries Separation Of Church And State (text)
  8. City Struggling to Connect Housing Benefits App to New Yorkers Who Need It Most (text)
  9. EXPOSED: Blackstone’s Evil Scheme to Profit Off Every American Crisis | The Class Room (video)
  10. How an Israeli Raid on a Safe House Ended With Civilians Killed (video)
  11. Israelis Launch “Pogrom” On Palestinians (video)
  12. Media Already SMEARING Marianne Williamson | The Kyle Kulinski Show (video)
  13. Mediaite SMEARS Jimmy Dore For Telling Truth About Ukraine N@zis (video)
  14. MSNBC Buried This HONEST Anti-War Rally Report Exposing Rachel Maddow’s Lies (video)
  15. Video: Dead Deer & Toxic Chemicals in East Palestine River (video)
  16. “Socialism always fails” is a stupid argument (video)
  17. Real Estate TikTokers: You Should Tip Your Landlords (video)
  18. Who Benefits When Jews Are Afraid? (text)
    • Praeger U: — “If They[We] Can Scare You, They[We] Can Control You” (links intentionally omitted)
      • “Every tyrannical regime used fear to control its subjects—because that’s the only way people will willingly give up their rights.”
  19. “There are a lot of sick people” says Charlie Kirk as he advocates lynching trans people (tweet/video clip)
  20. Meet the Bronx Activists Who Won a Historic Settlement for NYPD’s Violent Attack at 2020 BLM Protest (video)
  21. Biden proposes “Asylum Ban” and public is urged to comment (text / easy action)

Feb 19 to Feb 25, 2023

  1. NFL Lies About Pat Tillman’s Death To Promote War (video)
  2. Corporate Media Smears Reporter Who Revealed U.S. Blew Up Nord Stream Pipeline! (video) (proof Bellingcat is CIA pro-war propaganda!)
  3. Cori Bush’s Public Transportation Win (text)
  4. Footage of Cop Fatally Shooting Unarmed Man in Louisiana Released (video)
  5. The Ohio Derailment Catastrophe Is a Case Study in Disaster Capitalism (text)
  6. These Supreme Court Cases Could Destroy YouTube, Expert Warns (video)
  7. Alone and Exploited, Migrant Children Work Brutal Jobs Across the U.S. (text)
  8. Emptier Jails Could Stay That Way (text)
  9. U.S. Official LOVES Ukraine Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion (video)
  10. Biden Visits Kiev Ukraine But Not Palestine Ohio! (video)
  11. Blood-Soaked USAID Chief Samantha Power Targeting Hungary! (video)
  12. Liberals Working Overtime To Undermine Anti-War Rally (video)
  13. War-Pig Rachel Maddow SMEARS Peace Rallygoers (video)
  14. Bernie ADMITS Medicare For All WON’T Happen (clip) (video)
  15. George Orwell was a terrible human being (video)
  16. The Iraq War: The Bill We’re Still Paying (video)
  17. How Capitalism Destroys Feminism (video)
  18. Marjorie Taylor Greene: Black People are “Lazy and Sorry” (video)
  19. How HR Cheats Employees (video)
  20. Trump Calls For Authoritarian Takeover Of ‘Marxist’ Cities | The Kyle Kulinski Show (video)
  21. Dems Turn On Biden For Blowing Up Nord Stream Pipeline! (video)
  22. Biden FIRES Top Human Rights Lawyer For Calling Israel Apartheid State | The Kyle Kulinski Show (video)
  23. Will a $1.6bn defamation lawsuit finally stop Fox News from spreading lies? (text)
  24. NSA’s “state secrets” defense kills lawsuit challenging Internet surveillance (text)
  25. About 90% of drivers searched or arrested by the NYPD in 2022 were Black or Latino (text)
  26. HIV & Cancer CURED With Stem Cells | The Kyle Kulinski Show (video)
  27. Meet The Billionaires Sabotaging Your Student Debt Relief (video)
  28. 17 And Homeless, Starbucks Worker Fired For Unionizing Seeks Justice (video)
  29. If Words Were Violence: Glenn Greenwald vs AOC (video)

February 12 to February 18

  1. ‘They forgot to wear their hoods.’ Mississippi mayor says new law would create ‘colonized’ court system in district (text)
  2. Trump’s Death Penalty Expansion Plan Includes Hanging, Guillotines and Public Executions (video)
  3. The Fight to End Qualified Immunity Is Just Beginning in States Across the Country (text)
  4. U.S. Blew Up Nord Stream Pipeline – Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Seymour Hersh Confirms! (video)
  5. Fox hosts didn’t believe 2020 election fraud claims (text)
  6. Amid Ohio Nightmare, Rail Worker Alliance Urges All of Labor to Back Railroad Nationalization (text)
  7. Barcelona Cuts Ties With ‘Apartheid’ Israel, Spanish Jews Condemn ‘Antisemitic’ Decision (text)
  8. Bing’s A.I. Chat: ‘I Want to Be Alive. 😈’ (text)
  9. Woman fighting for restitution of Santa Monica land seized from family on grounds of eminent domain (text)

Feb. 5 to Feb. 11, 2023

  1. Congress Votes to Condemn Socialism While 1 in 8 Children Go Hungry (video)
  2. The World Turned Upside Down (video)
  3. The Invention of Personal Responsibility (video)
  4. Trump Accuses DeSantis of GROOMING High School Girls (video)
  5. AOC uses question time to confront Twitter about violations of their policy to allow Trump racism, incitement of violence against “Libs” (video)
  6. NYC Had 88,830 Vacant Rent-Stabilized Apartments Last Year, City Housing Agency Estimates (text)
  7. NYCHA has 6,000 vacant units as it struggles to quickly make repairs (text)
  8. Homeless Youth With Housing Vouchers Illegally Rejected by Bronx Landlord, Suit Alleges (text)
  9. Stop Union-Busting’: After 1,000+ Days Without Contract, NBC News Workers Walk Out (text)
  10. Lula Rallies US Left to an Alternative Foreign Policy (text)
  11. Mapping Black California (web site)
  12. Memphis officer took and shared photos of bloodied Tyre Nichols, documents show (article)
  13. Roger Waters Smeared By Pink Floyd Bandmate Over Ukraine (video)
  14. How Credit Card Fees Are A $12 Billion Scam (video)

Jan. 29 to Feb. 4, 2023

  1. We were close to a political tipping point” – Interview with George Monbiot
  2. Glenn Greenwald EXAMINES Third Parties & Direct Action (Interview Clip) w/Gleen Greenwald (video)
  3. CNBC Is Far-Right Propaganda (video)
  4. Zelensky Admits: “Ukraine War Is Good For Business!” (video)
  5. Pfizer Exec ADMITS Company’s Evil Intentions For COVID Vaxx (video)
  6. Pfizer Exec TURNS VIOLENT After Being Exposed In Undercover Video (video)
  7. Shitlib Films presents The Prince of Darkness starring Matt Taibbi (video)
  8. Shitlib Films presents Right Wing Talking Points (video)
  9. Capitalism v Socialism: Glenn Loury, Lajuan Loury and Richard Wolff (video)
  10. From Jan. 6 to Tyre Nichols, American Life Is Still Defined by Caste (text)
  11. The Obvious Answer to Homelessness: And why everyone’s ignoring it (text)
  12. Finance and the polycrisis (6): Africa’s debt crisis (text)
  13. Situation 7: Claudia Rankine (video)
  14. ‘Cannibal Capitalism’s’ Antidote w/ Nancy Fraser (video)
  15. The Anti-Democratic Origins of the ADL and AJC (text)
  16. Meritocracy: the great delusion that ingrains inequality (text)
  17. Captives of Industry: How Wall Street is Cashing in on Your Insurance (text)

Jan. 22 to Jan. 28, 2023

  1. The Belmarsh Tribunal D.C. — The Case of Julian Assange (video)
  2. MLK’s economic radicalism & the strange birth of the Fed’s dual mandate (text)
  3. In bombshell report, FBI admits using the CIA, (NSA) to essentially spy on American citizens without a warrant (text)
  4. Treasury Department Study: White People Get 90 Percent of the Benefits of Many Tax Breaks (text)
  5. 5 Officers Charged With Murder in Memphis Police Killing (text)
  6. Police Urge Calm In Light Of Unspeakable Evil They Committed (text)
  7. What is ‘Weathering’? A phenomenon that is killing Black people slowly (text)
  8. ‘Assassinated in cold blood’: activist killed protesting Georgia’s ‘Cop City’ (text)
  9. Meet the Major Corporations and Cultural Institutions Helping Build Cop City in Atlanta
  10. Building Resilient Organizations (text)
  11. Reposting because we are looking for bases for future discussions:

Jan. 15 to Jan. 21, 2023

Golden Gulag by Ruth Wilson Gilmore Focus for a series of discussions.
Posts related to the criminal legal system posted here

  1. Criminal Legal System
  2. Organizations working to change the system
  3. MLK:
  5. NYC eviction rate continues to rise since ban was lifted, as homelessness surges (text)
  6. NATO Leader ADMITS We’re Sacrificing Ukraine To Bleed Russia! (video)
  7. Ralph Nader: Shocking Reason HARVARD LAW Is CORRUPT… (video)
  8. Puerto Rico to Privatize Power Generation (text)
  9. Republicans Mandate Stricter Dress Code For Women | The Kyle Kulinski Show (video)
  10. BOMBSHELL: Kushner Gave CIA Intel To Saudi For $2 Billion | The Kyle Kulinski Show (video)
  11. Union membership rate fell in 2022
  12. “Feel-Good” Story About Elderly Worker’s GoFundMe Retirement is Late Stage Capitalist Propaganda (video)
  13. No, Greta Thunberg’s Arrest was NOT Staged (video)
  14. I’ll NEVER Cross The Democratic Party! – Says AOC (video)
  15. Work Until You Bleed: Amazon’s Workplace Safety Problem | The Class Room (video)
  16. New TERRIFYING Income Inequality Facts | The Kyle Kulinski Show (video)
  17. Republican Says Grandma WANTS To Be Forced Back To Work | The Kyle Kulinski Show (video)

Jan. 7 to Jan. 14, 2023

  1. Cop Linked To Proud Boys Should Be Fired Chicago Cop lies to investigators about links to Proud Boys, keeps his job (text)
  2. WATCH: Dramatic Cop Throw Tantrum While Directing Traffic (video)
  3. Representative Summer Lee Will Make Sure She’s Not the Last Like Her (text)
  4. Where might the GOP go from here? Look to Israel. (text)
  5. California Interim Reparations Report (text)
  6. IRS Audits Working Poor Families at Five Times the Rate for Everyone Else (text)
  7. Big Brother is protecting you’: Eric Adams pledges stronger policing, more technology in 2023 (text)
  8. Chris Hedges EXPOSES The Problem With Biden & The Media (Interview clip) (video)
  9. GOP Leader gloats about successfully suppresing Black vote (text)
  10. NBC Host Hates Democracy & Loves War! (video)
  11. Fox Host BEGS For More Vicious Capitalism | The Kyle Kulinski Show (video)
  12. Left & Right AGREE On Cuts To Military Spending! (video)
  13. Qatar’s vuvuzela Morocco’s World Cup success (podcast)
  14. Democrat Ro Khanna Talks In Circles Explaining Why Dems Don’t Use Leverage Like Republicans (video)
  15. “QUIET HIRING” – THE “NEXT” DUMB JOB TREND | #quietquitting #quiethiring #gartner (video)
  16. Millionaire Clinton Advisor Says It’s Time To Punish Workers! (video)
  17. Worst Speech EVER! Delivered By New Dem House Leader (video)
    • Considering that there were many pro-slavery Dem House Leaders, I’m curious to see how he topped that. Not expecting to find out from Jimmy Dore, though.
  18. The Kidnapping Of Hawaii’s Last Queen (video)
  19. Dennis Prager says people won’t spend the holidays with their conservative parents. Too bad. (video)
  20. Longish pieces that could be basis for future discussions:

Happy New Year! Jan. 1, 2023 to Jan. 7, 2023

  1. GOP Rebels REFUSE To Crown Kevin McCarthy Speaker! (video)
  2. McCarthy Speaker Fight Proves Jimmy Dore RIGHT About #ForceTheVote! (video)
  3. AOC BRAGS About Falling In Line Behind Corporate Democrat (video)
  4. Where might the GOP go from here? Look to Israel. (essaay)
  5. Ukrainian Soldiers Execute Prisoners Of War – Admits U.S. Mercenary (video)
  6. CAUGHT! Dem Congressman DEMANDED Twitter Ban Journalists! w/Matt Taibbi (video)
  7. Dems DEMANDED Twitter Find Phony Russiagate Evidence! (video)
  8. Six Charged in Atlanta with Domestic Terrorism for Protesting “Cop City” Training Facility (interview)
  9. Stop Cop City: No Police Military Base in Weelaunee Forest https:/
  10. Possibly for Jan. 22 discussion

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