On Dec. 3, 2017, we began a discussion contrasting the books Capitalism & Slavery by Eric Williams (1944) and Capitalism & Freedom by Milton Friedman (1962)

Our next meeting will be Sunday, Feb. 4th 2-3 p.m. We will be discussing chapters 7 & 8 of both books. There are free on-line copies, though not in the easiest-to-read formats, at the links above.

The idea of discussing these two books jointly was suggested by Prof. Fred Moten at NYU.

Books recommended by participants during the discussion:
Racecraft by Barbara Jeanne Fields (Jarrettia recommends this article Slavery, Race and Ideology) by Barbara Jeanne Fields

This iink has a paywall  I can’t find a free copy

This link
seems to be a book chapter with a similar title but does not cover slavery (at least as far as I’ve gotten into it)

The Half has Never Been Told, Edward Baptiste
Serpent and the Rainbow I’m not sure it’s relevance
Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein “Discusses Milton Friedman’s contribution to promoting neoliberal (or Free Market) Ideology.
Great Transformation —  Karl Polanyi
Economics in One Lesson   Henry Hazlett (Bible of Libertarians)