Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and NFTs

Posts and notes from June 2022 discussion

Thessy’s comments:

Most of the people I know are working on decentralized application projects and DAOs …My personal interest is 1/ Opportunities – making sure all will have access to the future digital economies… working on ‘Global South’2/ Damage control – speaking up with experience especially to young audiences to reduce the mistakes we will make

There is no way around it…technology development is moving and with that hype, scams, opportunities …  if we don’t create the next products and systems with diversity then we will be doomed.Hence, everyone has a place.Interesting in NFTs to me are not the BoredApes of this world. But PussyRiot , DreamDAO,
Giveth and others who use this for political messaging and fund raising.

Example from Kenya where they create community currencies

Thessy’s work with Liquality … non-custodial crypto wallet:

Posts from Doc

Clear but technical explanation of Bitcoin/blockchain (video)
Future NFT Value Will Be About Utility, Not Just Collectibility

Some concerns raised in the discussion (based on Josh’s notes): Privacy, Impact on freedom of speech, inclusion, accessibility to marginalized communities, environmental impact, plutocracy.

What are the underlying values of crypto? Will crypto be like switch from pension funds to 401K/IRAs where risk and responsibility were shifted?

It also raises issues of class within Occupy and Alt Banking.

Recommended book: Kill All Normies, Angela Nagle available here:

Original posts from Josh
A Crypto Optimist and a Crypto Skeptic Walk Into a Podcast Studio (podcast)
The New Hotness in Scam Culture (Crypto Currency and NFTs) (Best of the Left — curated collection of podcast clips)

Posts from 2019 or so (also from Josh)

Blockchain & Crypto: How they relate

Why you should care: Opportunities and dangers

  • Differentiating innovative projects from those re-implementing legacy 
  • Use cases

On the Media: on currencies, and crytocurrencies

Libra: our corporate overlord’s new currency