Meeting: January 19th, 2014

Moe Tkakic spoke at the pre-meeting. A recording of her talk is posted available here.

During the regular meeting the group first split into one session on what is happening in Detroit and another in which a representative from Strike Debt gave an informative presentation about what they are up to. We had some very good conversations about how our two groups might coordinate on our tremendous range of shared concerns, in particular perhaps initially by putting together small educational group sessions with indebted people.

In the second session, Moe spoke to part of the group (sort of a continuation of her talk), and a smaller group starting talking about a possible new long-term project, based on the outline that had been circulated in Cathy’s Saturday e mail (and can be downloaded here) concerning Ethics, Poverty and Finance. Much of the discussion centered on whether we should be looking to produce this as a second book, or as some other form of media.

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