Meeting: January 12th, 2014

Beginning at 2:30 we as a group watched the new movie Four Horsemen, put out by Renegade Economist, which ran until about 4:10, when we convened to discuss it. The general response of the group was at best mixed, with quite a bit of criticism .of the excessively certain, a bit too doomsdayish, and mildly conspiratorial aspects. Much of the negative response was provoked by the simplistic offering of a return to gold and shifting of taxation onto resources as near complete solutions to all the identified maladies. Other group-members were much more appreciative of the tremendous breadth of highly intelligent commentary offered in the various interviews of prominent progressives. And most viewers seem to have at least thought that it was a useful enterprise to see how another, presumably similar group, tried to get out a very similar message through a different medium.

The last half hour of the meeting was spent discussing the web-site with its image projected on a screen for all to see. We agreed to continue that conversation next week..

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