Meeting. February 9, 2014

Pre-meeting.  We did not have a speaker, but worked on the web site.

Regular meeting. We chose the following 2 topics: 1- How to roll out Ethics, Finance and 2 – Poverty, and  Pot Office Banks.

First Session. First we discussed the Post Office Banking proposal.  There was some talk of writing a blog about the subject, especially given the outrage of the financial position of the USPS having been largely “degraded” by ridiculous pension funding obligations, and the fact that the result of this falsely degraded status is now the selling into private hands of USPS services, and facilities, such as the beautifully mural-ed Bronx Post Office. we will try to get John Dennis from Occu-evlove to come speak to us on the subject.

Take Away: Two people agreed to head a committee to get more info on the subject and coordinate activity, if any.

Second Session. We then had a long discussion mostly concerning possible partners on the Ethics, Finance, and Poverty project.  There was a lot of enthusiasm about reaching out to Strike Debt, Rolling Jubilee, native American Groups the Black Institute, Tavis Smiley, Cornell West, and Richard Wolf.  A first time visitor, offered to provide a separate training on messaging to help the project and the group along.

Take Away: We formed a sub-committee to coordinate this project.



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