Meeting: December 15th, 2013


  1. Actions – lessons learned from JP Morgan and New Day New York
  2. Report card for the CFPB?
  3. The recent success of Occupy the SEC and what we can learn
  4. Editing the Gensler piece for our monthly Alt Banking essay
  5. Website improvements
  6. Initiative on public banking? There’s info here and here.
  7. Other ideas for next projects

We were also given an unexpected treat. Michael Crimmins from Occupy the SEC (OSEC) joined us and we could not help but veer off plan to hear a report from him about the great success of OSEC’s 400 or so page comment on the Volcker Rule. It got no fewer than 284 citations in the explanatory material accompanying the release of the final rules last week. We should all be inspired by the initiative this audacious group of 7 Occupiers showed in deciding to take on the banking lobby to get taxpayers some decent (if not perfect) protections to stop us from ever again having to involuntarily insure banks’ speculative trading operations. If anyone asks you again where is Occupy these days? — tell them to check-out Occupy the SEC.


Our working groups focused on improving the web site, finalizing the Gensler Op Ed, and coming up with a plan to get an affiliation with a credit union.