July 2017 Protesters can make an impact and have fun, too Proflle of Marni Halasa

September 2016 Downtown Express Occupy Wall Street, Five Years Later
May 2016 Left Forum Panel: Globalization for the 99%
April 2016: Scholar uses lens of anthropology to examine people’s economic lives
March 2016: Five years later, here are 9 important movements that grew out of Occupy

November 2015: Indy Kids: Occupy Summer School
August 2015: Protest U: Occupy Summer School in The New Yorker
July 2015: Occupy Summer School teaches teens how to stage a protest
July 2015: German Radio Protest aus Angst
May 2015: Left Forum Panel: What is Occupy Up To?

October 2014: Props and Agit-Prop: New York Times
October 2014: Occupy Finance named “Book of the Day” by the P2P Foundation
August 2014: Finance, Figuration and the Alternative Banking Working Group Vol. 40, No. 1 (Autumn 2014), pp. 53-58 by Hannah Appel
April 2014: Interviews of authors of Occupy Finance by Oriana P. Roerkraeyer
January 18, 2014: PressTV: New Yorkers Protest “Citizens United
January 10, 2014: Vimeo: Alternative Banking, Occupy Finance
January 1, 2014: Bottom 10, Top 5 Things about Wall Street in 2013

December 18, 2013: PayScale: 2 Ways Occupy Wall Street Affects You Today
December 2, 2013: Mathbabe: Protest JP Morgan at Noon
September 21, 2013: NPR: Occupy Movement at Two
September 17, 2013: Inside Out: Occupy Finance: Alternative Banking?
September 17, 2013: FT.Com Occupy the Bookshelf: #OWS Turns Two
September 17, 2013: New York Times Dealbook: Occupy Has a Mellow 2nd Birthday
September 17, 2013: Bloomberg View: Get Your Occupy Finance Book in Zuccotti Park

August 29, 2013: Occupy Wall Street Targets HSBC
August 28, 2013: FAIR: HSBC Continues to Launder Money
June 6, 2013: Left Forum: “Break up the Megabanks: Special Alternative Banking Meeting at the Left Forum.”
April 24, 2013: Ciitigroup Sees Off Shareholder Revolt
April 24, 2013: 10 Reasons to Protest the Citigroup Shareholders Meeting
April 24, 2013: La Journada
April 24, 2013: Huffington Post: Show Time! Tripping the Light Fantastic as a Performance Artist for Occupy Wall Street
April 24, 2013: Dealbreaker: Spandex-Clad Roller Girl Would Like To Introduce Citigroup Execs’ Asses To Her Hand, Photo:
March 8, 2013: Huffington Post: When Good Things Happen to Bad People
February 15, 2013: Mathbabe: HSBC Protest

December 18, 2012: Naked Capitalism: Neil Barofsky Meets with Occupy Wall Street
November 16, 2012: FT.Com Play the global financial card game
September 21, 2012: The Economist on Occupy Wall Street
September 16, 2012: New York Times: 52 Shades of Greed card deck on New York Times City Room
September 14, 2012: Aljazeera: Prosecuting Wall Street
September 14, 2012: Globe and Mail: The Comeback of Occupy Wall Street

September 9, 2012: Naked Capitalism: Sheila Bair meets the Alternative Banking group and Occupy Bank
August 4, 2012: Le Monde: Alt Banking and Occupy Bank
May 1, 2012: PBS Frontline: Occupy as well as Money, Power and Wall Street (Episode 4).

Full interview of Cathy O’Neil and others here.

April 27, 2012: Washington Post, Occupy the Regulatory System!
April 26, 2012:

  1. We invited Vikram Pandit to speak with us again. See this wonderful invitation on
  2. It got picked up by Lisa Pollack at FT Alphaville.

April 21, 2012: Paramus Patch, Can Capitalism be Compassionate?
March 27, 2012: NPR’s Morning EditionOccupy Groups Re-imagine the Bank
January 31, 2012: Alternative Banking statement on Too Big to Fail published in FT.Com Alphaville blog.

December 13, 2011: MotherJones
December 5, 2011: OWS Statement from Alternative Banking published in FT.Com Alphaville blog.
November 16, 2011: John Gapper’s blog
October 31, 2011: Felix Salmon’s blog

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