New Economic Ideas and Approaches

Let’s put Alternative in Alternative Banking. Here are some ideas of how to move beyond crony capitalism and models of infinite growth.

Occupy Finance Chapter 9: Resources: Thinking Outside the Corporation

Community Wealth

Worker Cooperatives:

New Economy Week Blog

ReThink Economics


Public Banking

Henry George School of Social Science Not new, but worth consideration

Research & Degrowth

Institute for New Economic Thinking


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  1. Couldn’t agree more. Thank you for posting all the links.

    When it comes to workers coops please take a look at the new USDA proposal (the letter was distributed by the New York City Network of Worker Cooperatives):

    A proposed USDA rule change would expand eligibility for their loan guarantee program to include owners selling their business to employees as a worker cooperative.


    1. Visit

    2. Enter “2014-21351” into search box. Click ‘Comment Now’ button next to rule title “Guaranteed Loanmaking and Servicing Regulations”

    3. Submit a comment using any of the following points:
    – I am commenting in support of the additional paragraph in Section 4279.117 that allows worker cooperatives, where selling owners are staying involved, to be eligible for the B&I loan guarantee program.
    – I support the proposed rule change allowing for phased ownership buyouts by employees.
    – I am a cooperative developer/lawyer/accountant/etc and work with conversions.
    Shared ownership of business is powerful and beneficial because it: retains much-needed small business in rural America, saves jobs, and builds local wealth. Employee-owned workplaces also have higher levels of engagement and satisfaction.
    – Keys to a successful conversion are planning and completing the transfer over time. Successful owners possess years of operational and managerial knowledge that needs to be shared with committed employees. Employees need time to absorb that knowledge and transition from thinking like an employee to acting like a co-owner. Employees also need time to raise equity to buy out the owner in stages.
    – This rule change will support phased buyouts and thus increase both the rate of conversion and the success rate of conversions.


    New York City Network of Worker Cooperatives

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