Meeting: December 1st, 2013

We had no 2:00 speaker, having decided to take a week off after the very successful run of our book-club presenters from the Occupy Finance publication. At the 3:00 regular meeting we made signs, hand-outs, and other props for our December 4 protest at JP Morgan – Chase in support of the New Day New York protests in which we are participating. It was good to hang-out a bit without the regimentation of stack. And our material came out great. See pictures under Projects/ Actions.
If you missed Cathy’s announcements from Saturday November 30, here they are:

  1. The “skin in the game” rule of Dodd-Frank for mortgages and banks is being watered down. This is huge.
  2. The subprime loan market is booming.
  3. Here’s a nice explanation of leveraged super senior synthetic CDO’s
  4. The IMF might have just “relearned” that austerity doesn’t work.

The IMF might have just “relearned” that austerity doesn’t work.

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