Planning for September Ethics event

I thought Sunday’s discussion was very productive and moved the event planning forward. I’ll post my notes from that discussion here when I’ve written them up (not going to happen today).

One possible site that sounded good for the event is the park near 161st and the Grand Concourse (it looks like that is Joyce Kilmer Park).

Have we invited Green Worker Cooperatives to take part? From the little I know of them, they would be a natural partner in any case but particularly since they are in the neighborhood (Omar Freilla is speaking at Alt-B soon and they seem like a natural partner. They are also in the neighborhood and hold an event much like what we plan (I couldn’t find much in terms of specifics but see this link).

I know Omar Freilla of Green Worker Cooperatives is coming to speak at the end of the month but we might want to reach out sooner.

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  1. Omar Freilla is an excellent choice as a speaker for our group. I saw him speak at the Unitarian Church on Lexington Ave (as you know Josh), and I was very impressed with him.

    I think it is also important for us to get together with Strike Debt and possibly Healthcare For The 99% because as I think we both know, until we have a single-payer system, more people will fall into poverty. SD I believe also has more contacts than we do too, hence they could assist us with in hooking up with other groups for our project.


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