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  1. I have been kinda sorta following the development about two weeks ago, where the DC Circuit invalidated the FCC weak-to-start with net neutrality regs. Surprised it is not getting more attention. Will post something on resources about it. Anyone have a take? Should we be trying to get someone in to talk about it? It may be the privatization issue. The net should be a public utility, but if the big providers can turn it into a toll road … the one promising means of new communication would get really messed up. Jan — does Merlyna have any expertise on this?

  2. I heard Rashad Robinson from the “Color of Change” talk about his issue and how it affected marginalized communities. Maybe we should invite him.
    You can here him on the Diane Rehm show.
    He comes on about 10 minutes into the show which also features a repellant person from the American Enterprise Institute.

  3. Truthdig radio also had an interesting guy on last week’s show (see url below). It was one of the first stories (notwithstanding the title of the program being about pay for work on Facebook). There is also this U Champlain Urbana communications prof, Bob McChesney, who used to have a great NPR show called Media Matters: he would be terrific … but it would probably have to be skyped. Thoughts?


    • I think someone on Mondragon would be good (and worker cooperatives more generally). I think Natasha was inviting Omar Freilla. Where does that stand?

      What is the procedure for:
      1) deciding on whether to invite someone
      2) coordinating dates so we don’t invite two speakers for the same date.

  4. I agree we should invite someone from the Public Banking Institute. Scott Baker, Marc Armstrong, Ellen Brown and Mike Krauss have all been proposed. Someone should volunteer to reach out.

    Manny, Tamir and I are also happy to have someone from the Spanish consulate (or other well-informed person) talk about Mondragon. Feel free to contact them.

    Natasha is in touch with Omar Freilla and he should be scheduled soon.

    For the most part, you can assume (provisionally) that anything that hasn’t been posted it open. When people agree to speak, contact Natasha to confirm before fixing it.

  5. It was a great meeting yesterday. Omar was knowledgeable and well spoken. His talk was inspiring and uplifting. Since our regular meeting was too short, there was no time to get a temperature check on the following proposal:

    When it comes to our Speakers Series, we have invited a great speaker but he can only come to our regular meeting at 3 pm on May 25th. His name is Dr. Divine Pryor, he is a social scientist with extensive knowledge and expertise in the criminal justice, health and social service fields, having spent over half his career administering HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, substance abuse and other social service non-profits. He has traveled extensively providing counsel and technical assistance on criminal justice issues to judges, prosecutors, correctional staff and other system stakeholders for the purpose of influencing policy decisions. In addition, he has developed trainings and workshops for professionals that address issues such as anti-gang initiatives, poverty, literacy, unemployment, housing and healthcare.

    It seems to me that Dr. Divine Pryor’s experience and knowledge will enrich our understanding of what exactly we try to accomplish with our Ethics, Finance and Poverty project and will inform our actions.

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