Our mission.  We, the Alternative Banking group, are dedicated to making the financial system work for the 99% by pushing for better financial regulations, by evaluating and fostering wholly alternative financial options, and by educating the public about the current dysfunction to inspire activism.

Participate! Explore this web site for information about the financial system, the economic crisis, and how we as concerned citizens can make things better.

Check out our book, Occupy Finance, as well as our extensive Resource pages.

And if in New York, join us on Sundays and hear one of our great upcoming speakers at our recently launched speaker series or join us in upcoming actions.

Everyone is welcome!


Who we are: We are financial professionals, accountants, technologists, economists, traders, engineers, housewives, househusbands, laborers, brokers, professors, students, activists and workers interested in reforming, revolutionizing and improving our financial system. We’ve been meeting since October 17th, 2011, soon after Zuccotti Park was occupied and since then we discuss and act regularly.

What We Have Been Up to. Here is an example of our frequent public protest activities from our December 4th action at JP Morgan Chase’s headquarters in support of the New Day New York City-Wide Day of Action.  Thanks Jamie, for leaving the Lamborghini out for us.


Our projects. 

As noted, we recently participated in the New Day New York protests and are continuing to coordinate with that Coalition. Here is the Coalition’s Report.

We are extremely proud of the the launch of our first book, Occupy Finance. You can email us at Alt dot Banking dot OWS at gmail dot com to get more information or to get a copy. We handed out hundreds of copies at Zuccotti Park on Tuesday, September 17th (the 2nd Anniversary of the encampment), following a press conference in which we were primary participants. The content of the book is now available online and here’s the cover:


Last year we put out an educational and fun set of playing cards called the 52 Shades of Greed, which you can learn more about and buy here. Or, if you are lucky you can get a deck free by coming to one of our meetings. Here’s just a taste:


Enjoy the book, enjoy the cards, activate your community!