New and Noteworthy

From the week of August 13 to August 19

  1. Trump’s Message to the Country: #NotAllNazis
  2. h Rich CEOs are the big winners of Trump’s race war.
    • Trump is devastating racial minorities while distracting his base from a plutocratic agenda.
  3. Fed Vice Chair: Trump’s push to deregulate Wall Street ‘may be taking us in a direction that is very dangerous’  Even the mainstream market types are concerned
  4. Not easy to find a senator worse than Sessions, but Alabamans are trying
  5. Youngstown Residents Push to Oust Corporations from Election Campaigns, Cap Contributions at $100
  6. Strangling Puerto Rico in Order to Save It
  7. The Whale That Should Not Have Gotten Away
  8. U.S. Begins NAFTA Negotiations With Harsh Words
  9. Extreme gender imbalance in hedge funds
  10. NY’s Fracking Ban Was Supposed to Set a Precedent — but Governor Cuomo Is Going Back on His Word
  11. U.S. Government Wants Online Data of Anti-Trump Protesters

From the week of August 6 to August 12

  1. We will be discussing the minimum wage and studies of the impact of a rise in Seattle to $13/hour.
  2. Policies of White Resentment
  3. Screening Out Family Time: The for-profit video visitation industry in prisons and jails
  4. These Are the Technology Firms Lining Up to Build Trump’s “Extreme Vetting” Program
  5. The Supreme Court Could Make It Easier for States to Purge Voters
  6. “The Left’s Misguided Debate over Kamala Harris” — foreclosures continue while the left quibbles over personalities
  7. Black millennials move south
    • …while New York’s housing crisis makes it to the elite pages of the NY Review of Books
  8. CRISPR Corrects Disease Mutation in Human Embryos
  9. Our Broken Economy, in One Simple Chart
    • Note: Maximum income tax rate in earlier period 70%. Most of later period it was less than 40%.
  10. Why corrupt bankers avoid jail
  11. Observing 72nd anniversary of bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, U.S. Threatens North Korea
  12. Our Obsession with Trump Shows Authoritarianism Has Arrived
  13. A New Report Raises Big Questions About Last Year’s DNC Hack
  14. Scientists Fear Trump Will Dismiss Blunt Climate Report
  15. The Great Escape: How Credit Raters Ducked Reform

From the week of July 30 to August 5

  1. Further reading on our discussion on asset forfeiture
  2. Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif Ousted by Court Over Panama Papers Corruption Probe
  3. China rising political star facing corruption probe
  4. Koch network teaming up with Trump officials for tax-reform event
  5. Is the U.S. Trying to Kill the Iran Nuclear Deal?
  6. 581 killed by police in 2017 (581 as of August 1, 604 as of August 8)
  7. It’s Time for the Adults in This Nation To Talk Seriously About Medicare for All
  8. Wells Fargo scandals could have sweeping consequences if only we had real bank regulation
  9. Why the for-profit college bubble is deflating.

From the week of July 23 to July 29

  1. Further reading/listening from our discussion of incarceration
  2. On Civil Asset Forfeiture, Jeff Sessions Is the New Kamala Harris
    • “The attorney general wants to expand a practice that is essentially government-sanctioned stealing from citizens. Conservatives should oppose this.” So should progressives.
    • Clarence Thomas weighs in on “Policing for Profit”
      • Showing even Clarence Thomas is sometimes on the right side of an issue
      • Would be great if he came out against “Prisons for Profit” too.
  3. Protesters can make an impact and have fun, too  Profile of Marni Halasa
  4. Criminalizing Critics of Israel: Congress Considers Sweeping Bills to Fine & Jail Backers of BDS
  5. Trump’s war on sanctuary cities has begun
  6. India
  7. Polish President vetoes controversial court reforms after protests
  8. Trump is Setting Up a ‘Dangerous Confrontation’ With Iran
  9. Policy proposals:
  10. Venezuela
  11. Paul Ryan Hands Donald Trump a Blank Check for Endless War
  12. Dylan Matthews: We could eliminate poverty. UBI is not the best way to do it
  13. 100 years ago African-Americans marched down 5th Avenue to declare that black lives matter
  14. Chicagoans say ‘Yes In My Backyard’ to affordable housing
  15. Trump Pick for Fed’s Wall Street Watchdog Plans to Ease Rules
  16. The most alarming passages from Trump’s fearmongering Long Island speech
  17. Trump-Ryan-McConnell-NoCare is finally dead, we hope
  18. Down the Mighty Columbia River, Where a Power Struggle Looms
    • This is what Trump’s infrastructure plan will look like
    • Politicians can be voted out of office. Corporations cannot.
  19. Trump Assigns White House Team to Target Iran Nuclear Deal, Sidelining State Department
  20. Scaramucci shows who’s boss: Scaramucci in vulgar tirade against White House colleague Priebus

From the week of July 16 to July 22

  1. Barbara Lee’s long campaign to end the open-ended 9/11 military authorization makes some headway
  2. New York Times Beats War Drums Against Iran
  3. Election system problems:
  4. With Amazon on the rise and a business tycoon in the White House, can a new generation of Democrats return the party to its trust-busting roots?
  5. Trump Can’t Vote Down Obamacare, So He’s Strangling It Instead
  6. We Must Make It Toxic for Politicians to Not Get on Board with Single Payer
  7. Polemicists in Robes. The president’s bomb-throwing judicial nominees will transform the federal bench for generations.
  8. 11 Ways Corporate America Benefits from Trump
  9. Workers Protest NY Presbyterian Hospital’s Ties To Disreputable Furniture Delivery Company
  10. To My Fellow Plutocrats: You Can Cure Trumpism
  11. Poland: Draft Law Threatens Supreme Court
  12. Exxon Mobil Fined for Violating Sanctions on Russia
    • “Exxon Mobil demonstrated reckless disregard for U.S. sanctions requirements,” while Tillerson was CEO
  13. More Foreign Workers Requested By Trump’s Mar-A-Lago
  14. Tennessee Inmates are Being Offered a Horrifying Choice: Jail Time or Sterilization
    • Where are the libertarians when we need them?
  15. Russiagate: Kooky Characters, Cold War Liberals
  16. ALEC meets in Denver. Promotes coal, school vouchers, gerrymandering and sexual assault
  17. Hedge funders scramble for ways to pay tax bill now that a big loophole is closed
    • Will be interesting to see if this actually happens or if “tax reform” restores loophole
  18. Scaramucci Joins White House as Spicer Reportedly Resigns
  19. Elon Musk Claims U.S. Approval for World’s Longest Tunnel
    • Infrastructure Trump style: by the billionaires, for the millionaires, expensive and unlikely to work
  20. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: 6 years old. This is what good government looks like

From the week of July 9 to July 15

  1. Amazingly, there is at least one regulatory agency in DC still doing a good job
    • Three cheers for Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)
  2. But, thanks to supreme court, workers may lose class-action rights
    • One step forward, four steps back
  3. House votes to keep U.S. troops out of Yemen a gesture that would have been more meaningful if they had rejected Saudi arms deals, too.
  4. Alarmed Macron overrules his PM Édouard Philippe and reinstates early tax cuts
  5. Threats, bullying, lawsuits: tobacco industry’s dirty war for the African market
  6. Trump’s ‘war on the open internet’: tech firms join activists in day of protest
  7. How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Congressman’s Vote? Not Much
  8. Here Are the 4 Lawsuits That Could Force Trump to Release His Taxes
  9. Left wing movements in flyover country
  10. Deportation a ‘Death Sentence’ to Adoptees After a Lifetime in the U.S.
  11. Immigrant sues Chicago, police for placing his name in gang database
  12. Chris Hedges interviews Noam Chomsky   Part 1 and Part 2
  13. Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau
  14. The new Senate health bill is terrible for anyone who is sick, has been sick, or will be sick
  15. Stunning Truths About the Bloated Safety Net for the Wealthy
  16. Trump Has Secretive Teams to Roll Back Regulations, Led by Hires With Deep Industry Ties
  17. Minimum wage myths, busted  (long podcast). You might listen from 17:15 (or 22:00) to 27:00
  18. Support the IBEW NYC Spectrum Workers Strike hat tip to Manny for bringing this to our attention that the NY Times has not covered during the many months it has been going on
  19. Happy Bastille Day: How Should We Judge the Revolutionaries?
  20. Lula is convicted in Brazil (The Guardian)
  21. Is the Left losing its mind? Alternative facts on social media (The Atlantic) 
  22. Provocative comedy skit showing how inequality brought us Trump goes viral
  23. Study finds that hiring chief risk officers led banks to take even more risk (HBR)

From the week of July 2 to July 8

  1. Atmospheric carbon rises even while emissions stabilize
  2. More on the National Bureau of Economic Research’s controversial study of Seattle’s minimum wage
  3. Naomi Klein on Politically Reactive Podcast: No is not enough
    • Excellent interview with Naomi Klein starts 20 minutes in (reposted by request)
  4. Bringing Power to the People: The Unlikely Case for Utility Populism
  5. Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski just accused the White House of trying to manipulate them
  6. 18 States Sue Betsy DeVos Over Student Loan Protections
  7. Sinclair Broadcast Group: John Oliver
  8. Noam Chomsky: On Trump and the State of the Union
  9. Black America is “Pro-Peace,” but Its Politicians Work for the War Party
  10. The underlying source of contention between Qatar and Saudi Arabia
  11. Voter Suppression:
  12. Tom Coburn: We Will Get 34 States for Article V Constitutional Convention to Drain the Swamp
  13. Study: cities rely more on fines for revenue if they have more black residents
  14. ‘What To The Slave Is The Fourth Of July?’ Frederick Douglass, Revisited

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